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How to Edit a Page[edit]

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to edit
  2. Click on the 'edit' tab
  3. Make changes to the text
  4. Click on 'Show preview' to see the new page
  5. Enter a brief description of the changes in the 'Summary' textbox
  6. Click on 'Save page' to save your changes, and enter the two terms in the Captcha box.

Simple Wikitext[edit]

Description Syntax Example
Bold text '''bold''' bold
Italicized text ''Italicized'' Italicized text
Bold and Italicized text ''''bold and italicized'''' bold and italicized

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

==Level 1==

===Level 2===

====Level 3====

Level 1[edit]

Level 2[edit]

Level 3[edit]

Bullet list * list 1

* list 2

** list 2.1

* list 3

  • list 1
  • list 2
    • list 2.1
  • list 3
Numbered list # list 1

# list 2

## list 2.1

# list 3

  1. list 1
  2. list 2
    1. list 2.1
  3. list 3

Description Syntax Example
Internal Links (Pages within the SNPedia wiki) [[page name]]

[[page name|display text]]

page name

display text

External Links (Pages outside of the SNPedia wiki) http://www.SNPedia.com


[http://www.SNPedia.com SNPedia Home Page]



SNPedia Home Page

See the Help:Editing section on mediawiki to learn more about editing pages.

For a more complete list of wikitext syntax, please refer to the wikipedia cheatsheet.