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23andMe dataI4000377
23andMe searchI4000377
Geno Mag Summary
(D;D) 10 BRCA1 (breast cancer) 185delAG homozygous carrier
(I;I) 0


i4000377, i4000378, i4000379 are markers that influence your carrier status for breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Note that this SNP is known to have reduced penetrance (~40 - 50%).[PMID 26046366]

185delAG BRCA1 i4000377(D;D) or i4000377(D;I). Alternative names include c.68_69del as well as p.Glu23Valfs∗17 and p.Glu23Valfs.

rs80357713 and rs386833395 are the dbSNP rsids for this SNP.