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As the graph at Rs28932178 indicates, 15% of the planet has 2 copies of the minor allele. Another 30% of the planet has 1 copy. That leaves only 55% of the planet as having the 'normal' form. There may be other mutations in NSD1 which explain what's going on, but this SNP is not the explanation you are looking for. Please contain this sort of speculation to the 'Discussion' pages, not the main pages, or you will be blocked from further editing.

Which is not to say I'm opposed to this sort of speculation. I've recently been editing links into the variations described at

and I strongly believe that regular people can do valuable citizen science on their own family conditions. However you're the second person today who's being a bit too bold, when the evidence is clearly against your specific claims. I would suggest targeted sequencing of NSD1 for your family, because that variations you're apparently able to see with your (23andMe, Ancestry.com or similar) current platform, are definitely not seeing the causes.

--- cariaso 04:30, 19 January 2016 (UTC)