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Hello, and welcome to SNPedia. We currently are aware of 208 snps on F8. All of them are in the minus orientation so that will probably cause some confusion during your hunt. 20 of those are on the 23andMe testing platform. You may have a mutation which is not present on their platform. Here is the promethease report for someone who is normal at F8.

If you've run a http://promethease.com report on your data, you should have a report similar to this one: http://files.snpedia.com/reports/promethease_data/genome_Lilly_Mendel_Mom__Full_20110426095409_ui2.html?textfilter=\bF8\b

feel free to email info@snpedia.com with more question. --- cariaso 21:18, 15 April 2013 (UTC)