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Welcome. As it seems you've discovered, you're being affected by the SNPTips Bug --- cariaso 02:26, 1 March 2013 (UTC)

Thanks Cariaso, Did you actually write this message to me or was it automated? I did figure it out. It was a scary moment! I was only trying to point out what I think is an error and somehow I ruined the entry all together. But it only took a few seconds to realize that it was those oh so usefull green buttons from the SNTTips addon that were causing the problem. It actually took me slightly longer to figure out that I needed to use an asteric to bullet a new line and doubble brackets to get the SNP to be a link. Thanks for your help!

It is really me. I happened to look at the site at just the right time. I had lunch with the project manager for SNPTips and he assures me that the bug is fixed in their code, and will be released shortly. --- cariaso 02:41, 1 March 2013 (UTC)
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So, is this "User talk" area the standard place to have a conversation? I haven't found a faq about how to use this feature. By the way, SNPedia is AWESOME!!!!!
Thanks for becoming one of the contributors who helps make it that way. Talk pages are a standard feature of MediaWiki, they work the same way on wikipedia. But they not a very well loved feature, as they're confusing about where to make an edit (your page, my page, or the article). See also

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