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i5039226 in 23andMe. For those lacking good common sense, like myself, this SNP is reported in the minus, meaning that 23andMe would report the deletions as insertions instead.

That's not really correct. A deletion on the minus strand will also be a deletion on the plus strand. But the bigger problems are that (1) the numbering/position of a deletion can be tricky, especially if the deleted nucleotide is one of a string of 2 or more of that type, and, (2) 23andMe has not chosen so far to reveal publicly what exactly any "II", "DI" or "DD" in/del notation for each i-SNP on any of their chips actually represents at the nucleotide level. To put this another way, a "D" means a deletion, but on their chip, does it mean a deletion of 1 nucleotide? or 2 nucleotides? or? Same sort of problem for an "I" (insertion). 23andMe is choosing not to reveal this information to their customers, unfortunately. Greg (talk) 05:31, 30 August 2015 (UTC)