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Rs2619522 major alleles are NOT associated with decreased cognition (MINOR alleles, however, predict lower cognitive ability), according to the very study you link to:

"DTNBP1 rs2619522 Six independent samples with a total sample size of 4,793 produced a pooled effect size of ?0.083, 95% CI = ?0.141 to ?0.020, p = .007 (Figure 3). This indicates that subjects carrying at least one copy of the minor allele had significantly lower cognitive ability than those who were homozygotes for the major allele. The forest plot shows a consistent trend among all studies, suggesting that these studies were quite homogeneous, with a Q-statistic = 2.16, p = 0.90, I2 = 0%."

Also, from the study, "Impact of schizophrenia candidate genes on schizotypy and cognitive endophenotypes at the population level:"

"The DTNBP1 SNPs rs2619522 and rs760761 exhibited several single marker associations, the minor alleles being associated with lower attention capacity but also a decrease in positive and paranoid schizotypy scores"

Agreed. Fixed. thanks. --- cariaso 19:48, 6 March 2012 (UTC)