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Is the 7.72 odds quote correct? I just read the source paper and it isn't mentioned in relationship to the T carrier.

I agree with you. The 7.72 OR refers specifically to rs2032583, and not to rs2235015, which is an associated but unlinked nearby SNP. I don't see any OR calculated in the paper or in the Supplemental Data for rs2235015, but based on comparing the key graphs (Figure 3B for rs2032583 and 3E for rs2235015) the effect is significant but not quite as large, so as a guess, maybe the OR is around 4 - 5x (for rs2235015(T) carriers). More significantly than the quantitative value, however, is another problem; it appears as if the genotypes summaries got reversed. Would you agree that the rs2235015(T) allele should be associated with *better* response, not worse? --lennon

I'm looking at a source document: Neuron 57, 203–209, January 24, 2008 ª2008 Elsevier Inc., page 206. Graphs B and E correlate to rs2032583 and to rs2235015 respectively. The graph B for rs2032583 notates non-C carriers as having a higher incident of non-remission (the dbSNP T,T genotype). But the graph for rs2235015 notates that non-T carriers had the higher rate of non-remission (the dbSNP G,G allele). The T-carriers had the better response or lower rate of non-remission. The TT and GT genotypes are the ones more likely to respond whereas the GG genotype is LESS likely to respond. The alleles are REVERSED in this SNPedia page. Full citation: Polymorphisms in the Drug Transporter Gene ABCB1 Predict Antidepressant Treatment Response in Depression Manfred Uhr,1,* Alina Tontsch,1 Christian Namendorf,1 Stephan Ripke,1 Susanne Lucae,1 Marcus Ising,1 Tatjana Dose,1 Martin Ebinger,1 Marcus Rosenhagen,1 Martin Kohli,1 Stefan Kloiber,1 Daria Salyakina,1 Thomas Bettecken,1 Michael Specht,1 Benno Pu¨ tz,1 Elisabeth B. Binder,1 Bertram Mu¨ ller-Myhsok,1 and Florian Holsboer1 1Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Kraepelinstr. 10, 80804 Munich, Germany

  • Correspondence: uhr@mpipsykl.mpg.de

DOI 10.1016/j.neuron.2007.11.017

Even if it took several years, it's good to see confirmation of my earlier (2011) comment. We'll correct the page(s).Greg (talk) 18:48, 2 July 2015 (UTC)