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Technically, this does not fullfill SNPedia guidelines because it's clearly non-reproducible, however the 45x risk and reference from 23andMe blog make it notable and worrisome enough to readers that it's probably good idea to cover. I'm personally refraining from drawing strong conclusions on the main entries, which I think should be SNPedia guideline if it isn't already, akin to "no original research", but in light of the evidence from subsequent studies the Barbados study comes across as either outright error or a statistical anomaly; though the American-African results do support linkage disequilibrium to causal SNP or SNP's. Environmental factors cannot be discounted either of course, such as "only applicable to people who eat salmon" just as example totally out of thin air. But right now we know so little that this SNP has no information value to anyone unless they happen to be Afro-Caribbean living in Barbados.