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Talk:New editors

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Given the influx of people to 23andme because of the $99 testing cost, it seems an appropriate time at attract and keep interested people to contribute to the snpedia. having a clear "you can help by" flowchart would be a good start.

for instance:

  • so you just got your raw data file from 23and me: do 1.run promethease 2.go to gedcom upload 3.study a.b.c.
  • so you are interested in the mutations you possess: do a. if you understand genetics intro to snp's or do b. if you don't. send to elementary sites
  • so you want to help make this wiki a more useful tool for those just getting started with genes:
  • so you want to go beyond relative finder and use this info to do genealogies: do x, y,z

begin to build a flowchart, recruiting new people to share both their enthusiasm and their search results as they study their genetic sequencing results.