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A genoset refers to a defined set of genotypes; we have coined the term to represent the combination of alleles at 2 or more loci, especially when they are not contiguous along a chromosome. Typically, these are then related to a medical (or ancestral) consequence that arises only when a particular combination of SNPs is inherited.

Promethease understands this criteria syntax.

More information about genosets can be found in the related SNPedia blog post. Note that genosets themselves are boolean, not quantitative; each genoset is either true (present) or false (absent) in an individual, based on the genoset's criteria, in the same way that a genotype (or allele) is either present or absent. Note that if a DNA microarray platform lacks a given SNP, genosets that require it (that SNP) will not return a result during a Promethease evaluation.

Most Significant

 ReputeMagnitudeSummaryModification date
This property is a special property in this wiki.
Gs2286sickle cell affected25 October 2012 02:21:38
Gs2676APOE1/APOE111 October 2013 05:15:46
Gs1215DR3/4-DQ8 individual at high risk for type-1 diabetes21 October 2011 06:04:16
Gs2615Did you mix multiple people together?23 August 2015 19:00:17
Gs254Bad4.1Pseudocholinesterase Deficiency25 October 2012 02:24:20
Gs268Good4APOE E2/E26 December 2013 17:34:48
Gs1174risk of type-1 diabetes21 October 2011 06:04:12
Gs245Bad44x increased risk for esophageal squamous cell cancer among Han Chinese21 October 2011 06:04:36
Gs1134Haplogroup O38 January 2011 17:52:27
Gs1444Male7 January 2015 05:03:36
... further results

Most Recently Active

 ReputeMagnitudeSummaryModification date
This property is a special property in this wiki.
Gs2615Did you mix multiple people together?23 August 2015 19:00:17
Gs123Bad22.7x increased basal cell carcinoma risk20 August 2015 00:35:40
Gs155Bad2.5CYP3A5 non-expressor23 July 2015 01:52:12
Gs2662.5Data Quality Warning5 June 2015 07:58:49
Gs140Bad2NAT2 slow metabolizer23 May 2015 00:50:22
Gs234Bad1.7possible high pain sensitivity23 May 2015 00:18:20
Gs2413lighter green, brown or hazel eye color30 April 2015 23:54:03
Gs298Bad2.5Increased surveillance for colorectal cancer recommended16 April 2015 03:36:00
Gs162Bad3.3CYP2C9 Poor Metabolizers5 March 2015 14:46:46
Gs1961.6Haplogroup I (Y-DNA); 50% higher age-adjusted risk of coronary artery disease?3 March 2015 00:23:31
... further results

You can create a new genoset by clicking that link and filling in the form. But you'll still need to populate the criteria syntax.