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Aspirin is a generic drug used for many purposes: reducing fever, as an anti-inflammatory, to relieve pain, and as a anti-platelet (anti-clotting) agent. Wikipedia

SNPs may influence how well aspirin works in these roles, as well as the degree to which side effects (primarily gastrointestinal bleeding) are experienced. SNPs reported to be involved with aspirin use include:

  • rs3798220 - with respect to reducing cardiovascular risk
  • rs5918 - with respect to anti-platelet resistance

A 2009 review [PMID 20214591] concluded that the main SNPs influencing aspirin intolerance are:

Regarding aspirin effects, major targets were said to be in the PGTS1 gene; rs3842787 and rs5789 in the gene for European subjects, and rs3842789 and rs3842792 for African subjects.